Exhibition: Imagining Japan, 1570-1750, Marsh’s Library

The current exhibition at Marsh’s Library has been extended until September.

From the website:

Imagining Japan, 1570-1750 is a unique opportunity to examine early European encounters with, and interest in, Japan.

The exhibition displays a number of rare early maps of Japan, the most striking of which is taken from Blaeu’s 1662 hand-coloured Atlas Maior. It shows how Japan’s isolation enabled it to become the backdrop for European fiction, most notably in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Location: Marsh’s Library, St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8 (beside St Patrick’s Cathedral).

Duration: 14 April, extended to September 2014

Opening Hours (from April 2014) :

9.30 – 5.00. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

10.00 – 5.00. Saturday.

Closed Tuesday & Sunday.

Admission: €3 adults. Concessions €2.



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