Theatre: In Acting Shakespeare, Pavilion Dun Laoghaire, 16 October

In Acting Shakespeare, a free adaptation by James DeVita of Ian McKellen’s play, will be performed at the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, on Thursday 16 October at 8pm. Tickets are €18/16.


From the Pavilion theatre’s website, where you can also watch video clips:

In Acting Shakespeare

Pemberley Productions and The Lime Tree Theatre

Written by and Starring James DeVita
Freely adapted from the play “In Acting Shakespeare”, compiled and written by Sir Ian McKellen
On tour from the USA and direct from Off-Broadway comes the funny, touching and uplifting story of one man’s discovery of Shakespeare, acting and language.
Based on Sir Ian McKellen’s “Performing Shakespeare”, James DeVita tells his own story of a young fisherman searching for a new career.
“A good one-man show leaves the audience wanting more, which is exactly what happens.”
The Huffington Post
“In Acting Shakespeare is a splendid, delightfully personal comedic concoction”
James DeVita’s fun, fervent tribute to his journey with the world’s greatest poet deftly weaves Shakespeare’s life with reminiscences of James’ own days on a Long Island fishing boat (and nights as a classical actor).

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