Fellows at Dublin’s Marsh’s Library share their research: Paris O’Donnell

Marsh’s Library currently has a fascinating series of posts on its website. Scholars who have been visiting Fellows at Marsh’s over the last year share what they have been working on at the Dublin rare books library and disclose some of their findings in the archives. It’s a wonderful spotlight on one of Ireland’s most important scholarly resources and reveals the unique riches available there.

In a few posts over the coming weeks, we’ll share links to these glimpses of scholarly detective work in Irish archives.

In this post, Paris O’Donnell talks about working on 15th-century books at Marsh’s Library.


She includes some intriguing photographs of annotations, including this sketch of a long-haired figure, which “illustrates an episode in which Pope Anicetus reportedly decreed that no priest should wear his hair long”. She notes that “[a] few pages later, the annotator has drawn a latrine, illustrating the location in which, according to the text, Arius (who gave his name to the heretical doctrine of Arianism) came to a very messy end!”


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