Theatre: Hamlet at Smock Alley, Dec 9-13

Bright Hamle bannerJust Friends’ production of Hamlet this December in Smock Alley Theatre; The Boys’ School space, Dec 9-13

Come and immerse yourself in this tragic tale of love, identity, duty and revenge. Hamlet has inherited a terrible debt of vengeance and violence, but where does his duty to right the past end, and his right to a future begin? Are we even capable of formulating answers when there must be more things in heaven and earth than our prevailing ‘modern’ philosophy.

Just Friends Theatre Collective was formed in 2013 and produced Tír na nÓg at 10 Days in Dublin 2013, Powerscourt Townhouse Theatre and at the Galway Fringe Festival 2013 in the Bentley, Eyre Square.

Tickets 15 euro. Tickets available here.

Directed by Aisling Smith

Suitable for ages 12+