Symposium: Early Modern Military Identity – University College Cork

Early Modern Military Identity

August 28th 2015, 2pm-6pm

University College Cork, O’Rahilly Building, room G27

2-2.15pm Welcome

2.15-3.45pm PANEL 1:
Andrew Hadfield, ‘Dulce Bellum Inexpertis: The defence of Lord Grey’
David Edwards, ‘Campaign Journals of the Elizabethan Irish Wars’
Matthew Woodcock, ‘”I speak to thee plain soldier”: Constructing and Defending Identity in Tudor Military Autobiography’

3.45-4.20 LUNCH

4.30-6pm PANEL 2:
Clodagh Tait, ‘“A print on my body of this day’s service”: Experiences of ‘wounds and hurts’ in early modern Irish warfare’
Cian O’ Mahony, ‘Souldiers, or Clarkes, or Both’: Literary and Military Identity in Pre-Civil War Norfolk’
James O’ Neill, ‘Scythians, cannibals and werewolves? The Nine Years War and the myth of the Irish primitive’

7.30-8.30pm PUBLIC LECTURE:
Prof. Andrew Hadfield – ‘Edmund Spenser on the Munster Plantation’
This event takes place at the Elizabeth Fort (Barrack Street, Cork city)

For further information, please contact Dr Cian O’Mahony (School of English, UCC) at


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