Conference: The Growth of News: Newspapers and Periodicals in Britain and Ireland, 1641-1800 (Marsh’s Library, Dublin)

8th – 9th September 2016 in Archbishop Marsh’s Library, Dublin.

An inter-disciplinary conference organised by
Dr Geoff Kemp (Auckland) and Dr Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library Dublin)

This conference is part of a project entitled ‘Cultures of Communication’, which aims to map current research in British and Irish press history from 1641 until the year 2000. The conference will examine the importance of newspapers and periodicals in the political, cultural and literary life of Britain and Ireland during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The starting point for the conference is the year 1641, when news of the Irish Rebellion was the catalyst for the first books of weekly news published in London. The end point for the conference is the eve of the Act of Union of 1800, when newspapers and serials were a long established feature of every population centre across the ‘British Isles’.

Two dozen scholars from a number of related disciplines will examine a variety of types of serial publications during this formative century and a half. Keynote speakers include Prof. Joad Raymond (QMUL) and Dr Victoria Gardner (Wellington College).

For the full list of speakers, the conference schedule, and to register see the ‘Cultures of Communication’ website.



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