ESSE Galway, 22-26 August, begins today


The 13th conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) is now underway at NUI Galway and there is a wealth of Shakespearean and early modern research being presented. See the full programme and check back here for a full conference report in the coming weeks.

The opening plenary lecture of the conference is by Emma Smith (Oxford), “The biography of a book: Shakespeare’s First Folio”.

Sub-plenary lectures include Marie-Louise Coolahan (Galway) on “Circles, Triangles and Networks: The Transmission and Impact of Women’s Writing, 1550-1700” and Géza Kállay (Budapest) on “Is There a Metaphysical Turn in Shakespeare Studies?”
Seminars dealing with the early modern period include:
“Shakespearean Romantic Comedies: Translations, Adaptations, Tradaptations” (S21)
“The (in)human self across early modern genres: Textual strategies 1550-1700” (S23)
“Renegade Women in Drama, Fiction and Travel Writing: 16th Century – 19th Century” (S24)
“Picturing on the Page and the Stage in Renaissance England” (S25)
“Icons Dynamised: Motion and Motionlessness in Early Modern English Drama and Culture” (S26)
“Richard Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations…of the English Nation (1598‒1600): Historical and Geo-Political Contexts” (S87)




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